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Photograph taken in Ukraine of Natalya Kaminska wearing her Silk Rose bridal gown 

Photograph taken  by Nic Skerten   of  Model Amanda Gomes 

 In Woodbridge, Suffolk,  Clare Perkins creates  beautiful  Bespoke bridal wear  .

The designer hand-makes each design to her client's  wishes using exquisite  silks and laces. 

 “I believe everyone deserves an outfit or wedding dress of her dreams to wear on  her  special day or occasion, and the very best she can afford, whatever her budget."

                                                Photograph by Alexander Zach of Model Jade Stacy Brimfield in Italy


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Your wedding dress is the most significant dress that you will wear in your lifetime, and bringing this to life is something that Clare excels in. 

Clare has the unique talent of being able to sketch a design of your dream dress or outfit that you would like to wear for you special occasion as you sit in front of her , by listening carefully to your wishes and dreams.She will design a few ideas and you can then take your chosen design home with you . This sketch will then translate into what you dreamed of wearing for yourspecial occasion .

Clare will suggest style, fabrics and ideas that will help make your dress come to life and become a piece of living art. her motto is : " The bride must wear the dress, and not the dress wear the bride "

Each dress that Clare makes is entirely original and to her client's wishes. Not one is ever replicated , and each client is secure in knowing that her design is unique only to her.

Having years of experience in all areas of the Bridal and Couture world Clare is well appointed to be your Design and Image Consultant  and help you to find your unique dress or outfit for your special occasion .


    Above shows the sketched design of lauren's dress in a beaded lace over a satin back silk crepe

 Lauren looking beautiful on her wedding day in her Silk Rose dress 

Clare will meet  and discuss all your options available , and help you to choose the right design and style  to suit your personality and dream . This can  be a very daunting time trying to choose what to try  when faced with rails of gorgeous  dresses in a Bridal Studio or outlet. You have probably thought about it for a long time and when the time comes it is quite stressful . Although helpful, many shop assistants do not have the trained eye or the experience that a designer has when choosing the right dress for a Bride. 

To marry a bride's personality and dream with a design is an art and difficult to acheive when not trained in this area. Sometimes having a person who is removed from the bridal party and who knows the way around the mire of choices is useful .

Clare can sketch shapes, suggest fabrics and source bridal designs that she thinks would suit the Bride, therfore helping the Bride make her mind up as to what she is looking for when faced with making the all important final choice . It also relieves alot of the time spent and stress spent in making these choices. 

When a bride has chosen her dress and it needs altering , having someone like Clare around is helpful as she is then able to suggest to the assistant the best way to fit it and alter the dress to suit the bride  , thereby making the overall experience a pleasure .


Should you wish Clare help you with this service you can hire her for the day .

For Both services from Silk Rose Clare will suggest style , fabrics and ideas that will transform and help make your dream dress come to life and become a piece of living art.

Please use the contact form on this page to ask any questions .

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