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Silk Rose is changing .

After 40 years of creating beautiful Bespoke Bridal Designs Clare is putting away her needle.

Instead she will be passing on her skills to the younger generation and helping those who wish to improve their sewing skills.


All dressmaking enquiries will be forwarded to her reccomended seamstress at Milli's Sewing Studio


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Photograph taken in Ukraine of Natalya Kaminska wearing her Silk Rose bridal gown 

 Clare Perkins Bespoke Designer

 created beautiful  Bespoke bridal wear 

She  hand-made each design to her client's  wishes using exquisite silks and laces and says: 

 “I believe everyone deserves an outfit or wedding dress of her dreams to wear on  her  special day or occasion, and the very best she can afford, whatever her budget."    



Your wedding dress is the most significant dress that you will wear in your lifetime, and bringing this to life is something that Clare has excelled in. 

Clare has the unique talent of being able to sketch a design of your dream dress or outfit that you would like to wear for you special occasion as you sit in front of her , by listening carefully to  a bride's wishes and dreams.She  designed ideas that the bride could take  home and decide which would be her chosen design .This sketch was then translated into what the bride  dreamed of wearing for her special occasion .

Clare's Silk Rose motto was  : " The bride must wear the dress, and not the dress wear the bride "

Each dress that Clare made was entirely original and to her client's wishes. Not one was ever replicated, and every bride was  secure in knowing that her design is unique only to her.                     To marry a bride's personality and dream with a design is an art. This Clare specialised in.  

Clare sketched designs, suggested fabrics and sourced wedding ideas  that she thought would suit the Bride, therfore helping the Bride make her mind up as to what she was looking for when faced with making the all important final choice . It also relieved alot of the time spent and stress spent in making these choices.


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Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.