Bespoke Dresses

designed and made


Clare Perkins 



Behind this photo of Laura is a wonderful story. Click on the photo to find out what it is . 

 How your Your Wedding Dress is  made

Your Dream Wedding Dress is something that Clare can bring to life. 

Whatever your budget Clare will give you her undivided attention to create a dress that has the WOW factor ,is totally original and more importantly to your exact wishes.

Clare has an ability to design and then create exactly what you have dreamed of getting married in.

Couture fabrics designed especially for your Wedding dress 

How about having  your own unique fabric designed especially for your wedding dress that will comliment the design Clare has discussed with you .Clare works closely with the talented local Artist Rachel de Roper whose art is now being reproduced as bespoke fabric for the high end couture and interior design market. Her art can now be worn , or to live within , as pure bespoke "Living Art". This service is exclusively available to you  from Silk Rose .

Your Wedding Dress is the most important dress you will wear in your lifetime. It should encompass your personality and style, help give you the confidence to beam when all eyes are on you and be everything you dreamed of. 

The experience in helping to create your bespoke dress is sure to be a joy from start to finish. Clare thrives and delights in creating the most important dress of your life to start your new life in.

Lacing up the 1/2 back corset with ribbon. This feature is unique to Clare's designs to prevent strain on the delicate lace ,buttons and rouleaux loops.

A Bespoke Wedding Gown takes approximately 50 - 100 hours to make depending on the complexity of the design and fabric.

What is the process involved in having a bespoke Silk Rose dress made?

I ask that we meet in person so that we can discuss  what it is that the bride has in mind for her Wedding dress. I can then start to put together a sketched design based on the in -depth discussion and feeling that I get from the client – this sketch usually evokes very positive responses, with many brides amazed that I have captured the look and feel of their dream dress. I also discuss the possibility of having her own fabric designed and woven for her dress. This will depend on the budget the bride has set for her dress. 

Clare reccommends all her Brides have a good foundation garment to wear under their dress andaskes that she brings it with her to the first fitting . This is important for the shape of the dress to be built around.

Wearing a good foundation garment under the gown is very important as this will determine the shape and fit .

Should one be required to be made this will be made and fitted before the gown is cut.

Once the foundation garments are fitted and adjusted, a toile, a mock up in calico fabric of the finished wedding gown, is cut and draped and made ready for the Bride's first toile fitting.

This is the time that if there is anything that she would like altered or changed it is done, as after this the actual gown is cut out.

The Bride is asked to come for a second fitting and adjustments are made. It is at this stage that the design cannot be changed.

The Gown is then hand- finished and any embellishment that is needed to be done according to the design is done. The Bride will come for her final fit and an appointment made for her to come and collect her Wedding Gown ready for her special day.

Clare likes to give a Bride a special time in helping to create The Dress of Her Dreams.

Every client gets my undivided attention and it brings me so much joy to know that I have contributed to a little bit of the happiness of a very special day in someone's life. I will make myself available on the day of the wedding if she would like, so that I can assist in her getting ready.

I love to see her to the door of the a final fluff of the train.. Stand back and admire the Beautiful Bride with her Father on her’s a priceless moment for me as it is the culmination of a true labour of love in many ways!

Dresses by Silk Rose encompass everything that your wedding dress should be:

A work of art,

A thing of beauty.... and....

Most importantly your dream dress.

The Alice Wedding Dress shown here was designed and made by Clare Perkins in Ivory Matt Silk Duchesse Satin with Ivory silk Organza skirt overlay and bodice trimeed in Satin. Detachable bow, belt and train. Replaced with soft coloured sash for an evening look.