Woodbridge Memory Bike 
I am fundraising for the WOODBRIDGE MEMORY BIKE, to enable a carer and a pedaler to take a loved one for short MEMORY BIKE rides around town or along the river walk, taking in a cuppa in a café along the way.
·         Our town is beautiful. Many of our elderly residents have lived here all their lives. Sadly, when they are affected by memory loss they retreat into their own little world and pull away from everyone and all that they loved.
·         How wonderful to be able to help them enjoy being out and about in their much-loved town again on pre- arranged short routes. It is well known that fresh air, a bit of exercise and interaction with people, especially the young, helps those with this condition.
·         This will give someone the joy again of feeling the air on their face and the wind in their hair again and will add a bit of stimulation to their day.
·         Hopefully it will bring a smile to their face and a small bit of enjoyment at being out and about again and seeing a different view.
The MEMORY BIKE would also suit our other elderly residents, who cannot for various, reasons get out and about. Imagine their faces when being taken out for a MEMORY BIKE ride about town!
I would like to help to make a small difference to someone’s life and bring a bit of old fashioned joy back to it.
I very much hope that you will support this and help me to make this possible.
Sould you wish to donate please click here  
Thank you
Cllr. Clare Perkins
Woodbridge Town Council